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  od alkaatch
 úte 29. kvě 2018 16:36:04
Jestli správně vidím, tak to není 20BB BvB, kde bych taky limpoval většinu range, ale 28BB deep BTN v BB.
A pro popelku, mne to teda přijde hrozivy, už jen kvůli tomu jak jsem psal, ze do 3betshovu a reshovu to ještě můžeš krásné foldovat.
To sem psal jen jako příklad spotu kde bych zrovna limpoval hodně, ale i 28bb z BTN se dá v pohodě limpovat, jen je otázka jestli by to tady zrovna bylo vhodný. Obecně s tím KQs chceš jít raise hlavně proto, že BB bude callovat dost dominovaných hand ala K9s,QTo a spoustu dalších v dnešní době megadefendů.
  od Francouz_Sofiane
 stř 14. srp 2019 2:54:15
Hello guys,

I came across this forum, and it was funny cause i remembered that hand, one year later. :jazyk:

For introducing myself a little bit, i live more or less in prague from a couple of years.
I used to play a lot online micro-small-mid stackes sngs then mtts till 2017. I spend more time in casino now (for casino regs who are used to see my never happy face around tables :) )

Anyway to reply to that debate :

From my view, here i have a very good spot to 3bet jam . Let's consider that vilain has a tight opening range of 30%, and calls top 10% : 55+,A8s+,KQs,ATo+

This is a pessimistic (maybe realist) option.
I need 37% of equity 1/3 of time, and i take back 2.5bb+ 0.5bb+ 1bb + 1bb (button ante) when he folds.
Means that 66% of time i win +5bb and 33% of time lose 0.37x(26+26+0.5+1=53.5) = 19.8 so around 6bb
===) 0.66x 5 = 3 and 0.33 x -6 = -1,98. The move is ev+

According the fact at that time we just have entered in the money, there's no icm consideration or stuff like that ( it's more like Cev = Ev$). And according the fact average micro live tournament player is a bit scared and absolutely doesn't want to bust, my play is super standard. Btw, fold isn't an option, call and overfold in flop with that stack isn't an option, question is to just 3bet or 3bet shove but live players are really sticky so i chose the last option.

Now to answer if KQs is a good call or not, i will probably jam all my pairs to Jacks,A8s+ATo+A5s KQs (and just 3bet QQ+ and some garbages hand) and defend other hands
And against that range :
Equity Victoire Égalité
MP2 43.25% 41.96% 1.29% KQs
MP3 56.75% 55.45% 1.29% JJ-22, A8s+, A5s, KQs, ATo+

You have to call 23.5bb for 53.5 = 43.9
The call with KQs is high variance but why not. :) :)

I could add some hands like K5s-K7s to my 3bet shove range so the call with KQs start to be ev+
And like alkaaatch said before in the conversation, it's better to take an almost ev0 spot for 50bb deep+ than for 20bb deep+ cause more u are deep more it's good at that moment of the tournament. ;) ;)

For the small story i came far into that tournament, busted 5th for 80k krc. I played a very expansive flip too when we were 5 left hehe